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We started to communicate with our customer in the end of 2015. According to the pictures and videos provided by our customer in earlier stage, we thought we have products with similar functions, so it would be easy to accomplish this order. We didn't find out that the internal structure and the functional hinge is quite different from the normal product of Yuanrich until we received the sample from our customer. Most materials needed to be customized, especially the hinge. But the time and cost was not accepted by our customer. The function transformation of the original hinge was quite difficult as well. Later, according to the study of our project team, we recommended our customer for adopting the existing functional hinge. Meanwhile, we provided our customer with a new dummy of functional hinge. They spoke highly of the handleability and similar appearance of the hinge. Thus, they accepted the scheme. They also raised several changes on the craft details of the products. Our project team sought the solutions of the items one by one according to the requirements of our customer. The production of the second sample took about 20 days because most material was ordered specially. Finally, our customer accepted the second sample. And the 100 sets of sofa beds were delivered smoothly after one month.

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