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1. Every one of our products is packaged in multiple layers, and each corner is protected by a protective corner to reinforce the protection. We do this to make sure all products are received by the customer intact and in mint condition.

2. Most of our sofa beds and sofas come fully assembled with the exception of the legs. After receiving the sofa, customers need only unwrap it and mount the legs. All directions are indicated on the sofa feet, making installation easy. We also offer online video tutorials to guide installation. The mattress is ready to use, and requires no accessories.

3. For each product that makes use of accessories, we will prepare spare parts in the event the customer needs them. If you find an accessory is missing or damaged, please contact us and we will send a replacement part as soon as possible, free of charge.

4. We offer a warranty period of 10 years. Within this period, if any quality problems arise under normal use, please document the problem with photos and send them to us. We will respond within 24 hours, and work out a solution within 72. If it is determined that the product meets quality problems, and can’t be solved through a local dealer, we will refund your money and send a new product. If the quality problem occurs in a large number of products, we will send a professional to determine the source and find a solution.

5. A user manual will be supplied with the product, and is also available online to guide daily use and maintenance.

6. After delivery, we will not be responsible for costs for repairing damages incurred by human error. To reduce your loss, we will work with you to find a reasonable solution and solve your problem at a reasonable rate. We will not raise prices.

7. We recruit international agents in all major markets around the world to help assist in localization services. If you are interested in becoming an agent, please contact us for more information.

8. We offer personal tracking service for each customer. If you have specific requirements or suggestions, please contact us directly with your service specialist. If you have any complaints, please contact our marketing director via phone (+86-18666510987), or by email (complain@yuanrich.com). We will respond to any contact within 24 hours, and work out a solution within 72.

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