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1. Foam warehouse
The upholstered furniture produced by Yuanrich adopts superior PU foam which has even foams, good resilience, strong air permeability. It is also pressure and deformation resistant. We can adopt mixed use of foam according to different requirements of different product models and parts of the sofa. The density of the foam used is normally from 30-45 kg/m3, thus realizing best product performance.

2. Foam slitting
The big foam can be slit to the required thickness and then further sliced into small pieces.
The workers will cut the bottom layer of foam according to the shape of the sofa.

3. Hardware warehouse
This warehouse is used for storage of hardware and mechanical and electrical fittings which will be used in the factory.

4. Steel frame workshop
In this workshop, we will carry out cutting, modeling, welding, grinding and some other treatment for steel tube according to the process requirements of the orders.

5. Hardware stamping workshop
This workshop is mainly used for processing and manufacturing of sofa bed hardware.
The spring is the important part of the upholstered furniture so that we adopt superior steel wire as raw material.
The hardware workshop is mainly used to produce the metal frame of the multifunctional sofa.

6. Fabric warehouse
This warehouse is used for storage of fabric, zipper, pull buckle, sewing thread and some other sewing accessories. Our leather sofa adopts imported superior top layer cow leather which has delicate feelings,fine pores, clear grain, comfortable feeling, high color fastness, high permeability, good abrasion performance and durability. The fabric sofa adopts superior cotton and linen or flannel. The cotton and linen is tight but soft, neither too hard nor too soft. It is also durable, anti-static, mould proof, easy to take care of, comfortable and air permeable; the flannel features of soft and full feelings. It is comfortable and luxury, dust and fouling proof.

7. Sample workshop
This workshop is responsible for the template design and sample manufacturing etc. The stylist is cutting the template of the new sofa.

8. Sewing workshop
The sewing workshop is responsible for the manufacturing of sofa cover and the inner cover.For each set of sofa, there is a set of pattern of the fabric. The worker who is responsible for the leather and cloth cutting will measure the leather or cloth material with the paperboard. The leather with quality problem such as breakage, wrinkle or too thin thickness will be rejected.

9. Word working shop
In this workshop, the metal frame and the wood frame will be combined together, and then the frame will be equipped with related accessories such as springs and hinges, thus producing sofa bed frame. All the main frame of the sofa in Yuanrich adopts superior solid wood without section scar and insect hole. The wood texture is even. Meanwhile, all the sides of the square logs are polished before being put into production. All the solid wood square logs are fumigated and dried, so that they will not catch bacterium and go mouldy. The workers can cut the wood into different specifications and shapes according to the design drawing of the sofa. The workers will install serpentine springs on the seat side of the sofa frame and elastic ribbon on the backrest side. The springs and elastic ribbon will be connected by related accessories, so that the supporting strength of the elastic bearing surface is bigger, more even and more solid.

10. Semi-finished products warehouse
This warehouse is used for storage of semi-finished sofa bed.

11. Upholstery workshop
In this workshop, we will protect the semi-finished sofa with cloth cover, and then carry out shape finishing and fixing. We will envelop the sofa frame which is covered with foam with sewing finished leather sofa sets from the top. Then tension the leather cover so that it fits well on the surface of the foam. The edge of the leather cover is fixed at the bottom of the sofa with hardware accessories. Then pack the bottom of the sofa with polyester fabrics. Finally, install various accessories.

12. Finished products warehouse
This warehouse is used for storage of finished sofa bed.

13. About packing
The qualified products will be transported into the packing workshop for packing. All the sofas are packed independently. The first packing layer is laminated bubble or EPE bag which is moisture-proof and shockproof. The second layer is corrugated paper which is used for safe fixing. The fourth layer is woven bag for solid fixing.

Processing technique

1. Design and template making
2. Fabric cutting
3. Cloth and steel tube cutting
4. Foam cutting
5. Cloth cover producing

6. Frame assembly and spring installation
7. Foam pasting
8. Upholstery
9. Finished product inspection
10. Finished product packing


1. We can directly communicate with the manufacturer of raw materials.

2. Foshan is equipped with complete furniture industrial supporting capability. We can realize design, material purchasing, production, packing and transportation within one city, thus improving production efficiency and saving cost.

3. Yuanrich has more than 10 years of production and exportation experience. We can provide one-step service from developing and modeling, template producing, quantity production to exportation.

4. Production capacity
a. We have 150 employees and monthly output of 5000 sets of sofa.
b. The factory is equipped with several punching machines, cutting machines, welding machines, automatic wood cutting machine, forklift, electric cutting machine, electric sewing machine, foam slitting machine, glue sprayer etc.
c. Our factory enforces the ISO9001-2008 quality management system, and the products pass the inspection of SGS.
d. In general conditions, the guarantee period of the soft material of the sofas is 5 years while the inner frame is 10 years.

Design capability
We have professional design team which can provide one package service from drawing, 3D modeling, template drawing to sample producing.

Quality inspection

Finished products and shipment

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