Fabric Sofa Bed


Yuanrich's multifunctional fabric sofa beds are classified into single seater sofa beds, two seater sofa beds, three seater sofa beds, modular sofa beds and corner sofa beds. Each comes in a variety of style and color models.

The multifunctional sofa bed functions as a bed or a chaise lounge through a simple transformation, and some of those we produce are even manufactured with storage spaces to save space and money. The frame on the sofa bed is composed of steel tubes and pinewood, making it solid and durable, while still making it flexible enough for changing between different functions. With a high density foam and premium fabric, our sofa beds are both beautiful and comfortable. The removable fabric design makes the sofa bed easy to clean and maintain, making the sofa a practical and stylish addition to your furniture pieces.

Material Features

The frame is a mixed structure of metal and wood, making it more solid and durable. It meets better function changing requirements. 
The metal frame is also made of high quality steel that has been cut, welded, ground and undergone an anti-rust treatment. 
The solid wood frame is made from high quality pinewood and multi-layer plywood. It has undergone drying, fumigation, and surface planing treatments, preventing insect infestation and mildew growth, making it suitable for long term use. 
All fabrics are high quality velvet or cotton cloths that are comfortable and durable with a high color fastness. 
The sofa slipcovers include covers for the backrest, cushions and arm rests. They are all removable for easy cleaning and replacement. 
The sofa cushion is made from a high density foam that is both comfortable and durable. The backrest and arm rests are made of a mid-density and high elasticity sponge, which are also soft and comfortable. 
Between the foam and the fabric, there is a layer of space cotton that makes the sofa softer and comfortable. 
Each high quality accessory ensures the overall structure.


  • The metal frame is made of square steel pipe with thickness over 1mm
  • Steel and wood composite structure
  • Solid wood frame
  • Antirust steel frame
  • Firm welded steel frame
  • Premium high density foam
  • Premium high density foam
  • Zigzag springs for supporting sofa cushions
  • Semi-finished sofa bed
  • Semi-finished metal frame
  • Polishing of metal frame
  • Cotton and linen fabrics
  • Cotton and linen fabrics
  • Velvet fabric
  • Samples of sofa fabric

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