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Modern Office Leather Couch

The S303 modern office leather couch has unique appearance. The upper part of the sofa such as the armrest and backrest adopts brown leather while the lower part such as seat cushion and chassis adopts creamy white leather. The upper part and the lower part are mixed with and embedded in each other. This couch is a kind of fashionable and novel sofa. The internal frame adopts solid wood. It is also equipped with metal feet and bottom frame. There is three optional specifications.

  •  Modern Office Leather Couch
  •  Modern Office Leather Couch
  •  Modern Office Leather Couch

Detailed pictures of S303 modern office leather couch

  • Modern Office Leather Couch
  • Modern Office Leather Couch

Detailed description

Model & Name S303 modern office leather couch
Type Office sofa, leather and fabric sofa, sofa set, commercial sofa, meeting room sofa
Applications Office, reception room, hotel lobby, meeting room, home etc.
Style Modern
Seating One seating, two seating and three seating sofa
Main Material Solid wood, metal, leather, high density foam, steel springs
Color brown, or other you specified
Sofa feet material Metal


Specifications One seating Two seating Three seating remark
Size (cm) 80*73*70 cm 130*73*70 cm 180*73*70 cm Tolerance 1cm more or less
Customized Available
Capacity 3000 sets per Month

Yuanrich mainly provides custom made sofa and couch, a reliable modern office leather couch manufacturer and supplier, offering leather couch, fabric couch and living room sofa bed with a wide range of styles. Custom service for the office leather couch , from the couch frame, couch cover, foam cushion, to couch springs, can be made according to specific demands. Many years in designing and making home furnishings and commercial furniture, Yuanrich offers quality modern leather couches with competitive price.

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